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Thanks to its geographical conditions a variety of horse-riding tours can be organized in Georgia. You can travel on horseback in different regions of the Great Caucasus mountains (Svaneti, Mtiuleti, Khevi, Khevsureti, Tusheti), ride horses of local breed that are well adapted to local conditions. In most cases Georgian track is used.
Taking into consideration your interests and requirements we offer you horseback tours of different duration and difficulty. Below you will find an itinerary covering Great and Little Caucasus with beautiful views and ancient monuments. We also provide options to enable you to better plan your trip.

  • Day 1: Departure for Tbilisi
  • Day 2: Tbilisi – Gudauri

Tbilisi sightseeing tour. After lunch drive to Gudauri en route visiting the town of Mtskheta. Overnight in Gudauri ski resort.

  • Days 3-5: Gudauri – Mt Lomisi (2298m) – Aragvi River Source – Gudauri

We travel in the Great Caucasus mountains. We ride horses in beautiful alpine meadows at an altitude of 2000-2500m.  Each day we cover 10-15 km and ride 4-5 hours. Overnight in comfortable five season type tents.

  •  Day 6: Gudauri – Khada Gorge – Tbilisi

Our pleasant half-day riding starts near the hotel at 2100m. We ride on the slopes passing remote villages and ancient towers. We get to the village of Kvesheti and the drive to Tbilisi.

  • Days 7-11: Tbilisi – Gvevi – Gudarekhi – Bedeni Lake – Pitareti – Jorjiashvili Village – Orbeti – Tbilisi

We travel in the Little Caucasus (700-1800m) famous for beautiful landscapes as well as ancient historical sights. We also have a chance to meet local people and get acquainted with their lifestyle. Each day we cover 25-30km, ride 5-6 hours. Overnight in tents (if the weather is bad, we can stay with local families). We use English and Akhalteka horses, tack – Russian military cavalry saddles and Dutch bridles.

  • Day 12: Departure

Horse-Riding in Bakuriani Area
Bakuriani ski resort is located in the Little Caucasus at 1700m. Its setting provides a nice opportunity to arrange one-day redial trips. Routes pass through coniferous forests and alpine meadows. Overnight in the hotel in Bakuriani.

Suggested 1-day trips from Bakuriani:
The Village of Mitarbi (15km, 4 hrs)
Tskhratskaro Pass (2454m, 30km, 6-7 hrs)
Mt Kokhta (2200m, 20km, 4 hrs)

Horse-Riding in Borjom-Kharagauli National Park
Overnights in tourist or ranger shelters.

  • 1-Day Shephers’ Trail

Amarati – Mt Lomismta – Amarati
A relatively easy trip, 14km, 4-5 hours. En route we can visit St Mary’s Church and Zemotia Fortress in Kvabiskhevi and the Green Monastery in Chitakhevi.

  • 2-Days Panorama Trail

Atskuri – Amarati Tourist Shelter – Atskuri
Challenging round trip from Atskuri via Amarati with great panoramic views, total distance – 34 hours, 5 hours riding a day.

  • 3-Days Panorama Trail

Horse Riding in the Grand Caucasus

Atskuri – Mt Sametskhvareo – Amarati Tourist Shelter – Sakhvlari Tourist Shelter – Marelisi
Cross the National Park from Atskuri to Marelisi (or vice versa), passing the highest point Mt Sametskhvareo (2642m). Two overnights in Amarati tourist shelter, Didi Sakhvlari tourist shelter (or ranger shelters), total distance 50km, 5-6 hours riding a day.

Horse-Riding in Khevsureti
In Khevsureti we can organize horseback trips from one up to five days.

  • 1-Day Trips

1-day trips can be arranged from the village of Gudauri to the village of Barikakho, or Abudelauri Lake or the village of Guro. We ride on horseback on mountains slopes enjoying stunning views. Total distance – 30km, riding time – 6 hours.

  • 2-4-Days Trips

We can organize 2,3 or 4-day trips around the villages of Juta and Arkhoti, Abudelauri Lake and mt Chaukhebi. They are all round trips with 25-30km (5-6 hours) riding a day.

  • 5-Days Trip

Gudani – Tsubrovani Pass – Khakhabo – Ardoti – Shatili – Giorgitsminda – Datvisjvari Pass – Gudani
Every day we ride 15-20km, 4-5 hours. Days 5 and 6 are a bit harder as we have to cover about 30km (6-7 hours).

Horse-Riding in Svaneti
In Svaneti region we can plan redial tours from Mestia and Ushguli as well as a trip covering the whole Svaneti region from 800m till the village of Ushguli (2200m).
Suggested itinerary for Svaneti horseback trip:
Chuberi – Nakra – Etseri – Becho – Mestia – Adishi – Iprari – Ushguli
Minimum daily riding distance – 12km (3 hours), maximum distance – 25km (5 hours). Overnight with local families.

Horse-Riding in Tusheti
In Tusheti region we can arrange both round trips and redial tours to avoid changing overnight places too often. We suggest 4-5-day horse-riding trips with overnights with local families. We visit beautiful villages of Omalo, Shenako, Dartlo, Girevi, Chesho and Parsma to admire their natural and cultural heritage.


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