The traces of mighty kingdoms Colchis (16th-6th cc BC) and Urartu (13 th-6th cc BC) still can be found in Georgia, Armenia and Turkey – the areas of many legends and myths. The fabulous Mt. Kazbegi where Prometheus was chained and biblical Mt. Ararat and the final destination of Noah’s Ark… What may be hidden behind these legends and myths?

Our tour between mythical Mt Kazbegi and biblical Mt. Ararat is the route through many cultures, following the footsteps of the first migrators. Many borders are lost and changed but the exquisite décor, symbols and frescos – the witnesses of all the events still vividly display the faith, hope and fear of the Georgians, Armenians, Seljuks and Ottomans. they make us visualize the mystical universe show through their buildings and rituals.




Best period for this trip: from April till October.

Additional Information

Ladies require scarves in the Georgian orthodox churches, sometimes skirts too, but they can find some in the entrances.

Short trousers are forbidden in the church.

You can bring along: sun cream, hat, rain - and wind coats, etc.

For some program points comfortable shoes are needed.

Visa requirements for Armenia:

Nationals of the following countries can travel to Armenia without a visa: EU members, Great Britain, Switzerland, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, China, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, USA...

Visa requirements for Turkey:

You can find valid information about visas under the link below: