We invite you to meet new year in the country where all the festivities are unique. Hospitality, wonderful traditions, old culture and beautiful nature-all of them create wonderful synthesis of Georgian’s life.Our guests have best occasion to see,to become aware of Georgian traditions, taste Georgian wine and delicious dishes. In addition they can participate in distillation process of “chacha”(Georgian grappa), visit historical monuments and have a bath in sulfur bathes with recreational massage.Visitors will have enough time to walk through narrow, decorated streets of Tbilisi to feel New Year atmosphere.




29th of December - 3rd of January

Additional Information

Ladies require scarves in the Georgian orthodox churches, sometimes skirts too, but they can find some in the entrances.

Short trousers are forbidden in the church.

You can bring along: sun cream, hat, rain - and wind coats, etc.

For some program points comfortable shoes are needed.